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Both sides open from the working side for sorting or access to the animal.

Chute sides are 30" wide at the top and taper in with 6 different adjustments from 22" wide to 9" ensuring any size animal will be held securely yet comfortably centered in the headgate.

Well known for the best chute trailering system on the market, the 450W features a removable tongue with top-wind jack along with removable fender wheel assemblies. Easy-to-crank brake winch safely raises and lowers chute into position with minimal effort. Fender assemblies protect that expensive pulling vehicle from rock damage.

Optional wire floor

Optional split tailgate offers greater strength, extended coverage area and a labor saving easy-to-use activation lever. Can be sheeted upon request if enclosed tailgate is desired.



Length: Inside 7'8" • Outside 8'0"
Width: Inside Top 30" • Inside Bottom 9" to 22"
Outside: 3'10"
Overhead Clearance Required: 8'5"
Weight: Stationary: 1,045 lbs. • Portable: 1,425 lbs.


Length: Inside 10'8" • Outside 11'
Door Opening: 31"
Weight: Add 198 lbs.

• 3-gauge wire mesh floor
• Easily mount Tru-Test
HD1010 Loadbars.