• Brackets for holding portable corral panels on each side
  • Loops welded on so you can make a side pen to come off of either or both of the 4 feet walk-through gates
  • Double 6 foot gates on each side of alley for easy configuration to trailers, loading chutes, tubs, working chutes
  • Offset chains/latches for more holding power
  • X bracing filled in for animal safety
  • Easy to use long levers for changing the direction of the rear tire folding/unfolding



Perimeter Gating: 170 ft.
Panel Height: 70 inches
Weight (delux): 6600 lbs
Round tubes: 2” x .120
- (11ga) all 7 bars except 2.375”x 1.54 wall on the bottom bar on the #1 panel
Unit capacity: 60 cow/calf pairs
140 head at 850 lbs