The Model 75 Hydraulic Headgate features “Complete Parallel Closing Action” top-to-bottom, eliminating possible choking and providing a clean, wide opening for cattle to exit the headgate without injuries. These two benefits alone are reasons this headgate will pay for itself time and again while cheaper scissor type headgates will end up costing you more money because of injuries to your valuable cattle. Removable Neck Bars come standard to help stabilize the animal’s head. Add the optional headsweep to virtually eliminate any head movement. Quiet opening and closing action makes working with this headgate very enjoyable.



  • Factory presets hydraulics to 450 PSI on the animal’s neck to prevent injury.
  • Headgate shields slide closed parallel with equal pressure top to bottom to prevent downed animals from choking.
  • Fully opening doors provide a wide exit and help prevent animals from jumping or stumbling when exiting.
  • Removable neck extenders that provide a firm hold for implanting are standard.
  • One-hand controls for easy operation - no manual labor required.
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands heavy feedlot use.
  • Quiet opening and closing action.
  • An optional headsweep controls the animal’s head movement for easy implanting, ear tagging, etc.
  • Simple yet effective design eliminates costly repairs.



Height: Gate Opening 66” • Overall 76”
Width: Gate Opening 28” • Overall 42”
Step Over: 5”
Closes To: 3.5”
Weight: 420 lbs. • add 200 lbs. for pump and motor