Nothing on the market today provides a better, more efficient cattle handling system than the For-Most Double Alley system. For-Most was the first company to manufacture an alley system that provides two side-by-side adjustable alleys coming out of the tub. The reason this system works so well is that the cattle see a large 5’ escape hole which they readily go through. Once inside the double alley, the cattle are then funneled into a single alley and then into the chute.

The system keeps cattle calmer because they don’t need to be prodded and worked up just to go into the alley, therefore, they stay calmer all the way through the chute. It’s a fact that cattle perform better with less stress and there is nothing you can buy that is less stressful than a For-Most working system that includes the Double Alley.

Our innovative double alley design lets you quickly adjust the width of each alley from 30” down to 20”. The adjustment is easily made with no tools in just minutes. The outside panels are sheeted so the cattle can’t see out, but the inside panel is open so cattle remain calmer because they are standing next to a buddy.

The double alley is a great way to increase alley capacity per linear foot of working area. You will be truly amazed at how much faster and easier cattle can be worked in this system.